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The importance of professional leadership

The complexity of the business world has forced companies to demand an increasingly qualified workforce. However, many organizations are not prepared to face this reality and demonstrate driving weaknesses when making decisions. It is no longer enough to have specialists who have in-depth knowledge of certain procedures. It is essential to have leaders who encourage better practices and direct efforts towards better results. Let’s see some skills that a true leader must meet: Charisma. Deploying excellent human relationships that guarantee the integration [...]


Recruit and motivate with SuccessFactors

Technology´s disruptive changes have redesigned the organizational structures and HR management systems. Mobile devices, cognitive computing and Internet of Things (IoT) are not only changing the way companies present their products or services; changes are also reflected internally. In an effort to be more agile and collaborative, reduce stress and stimulate greater productivity in employees, companies are outpacing those hierarchical organizational models to implementdecentralized multidisciplinary group models. In this context, finding workers with the right profile is a complicated task but keeping them is even more critical for any organization. SuccessFactors is [...]