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Turning Operations and Logistics into the digital world

One of the new trends that is currently emerging is the Internet of Things (IoT). The creation of smaller and more intelligent means that from glasses to miniprocessors are connected to collect, receive and send information. Despite looking more like entertainment-related innovations, they are revolutionizing the business worlds. In the agricultural sector, for example, the introduction of drones serves to optimize plantings. Because it allows to control the soil temperature, it allows to obtain data to determine key factors such as the [...]


Digital Transformation with Hybris

Omnichannel has become a daily concept. A research from Fluent revealed that 47% of customers who contact a brand by 10 or more channels that end up making at least one weekly purchase by one of these means. This means that current customers maintain a contact that switches between different formats and screens. They can start by finding out a price on a social network, investigating specifications in a review, buying the product on the website and finally picking the [...]


Inclusion at the SAP Executive Summit in Buenos Aires

On March 14, we were part of the SAP Executive Summit, the most important technology event of business, technology and innovation  that took place in the City of Buenos Aires. The venue counted on more than 700 concurrents and was ruled by the concept of Digital Transformation. Over the course of eight hours several experts demonstrated that the digitalization of business processes is essential to evolve to the pace of consumers. The talk “Digital Transformation with Hybris” by Mariano Baca Storni, our CEO, was [...]