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From contacts to relations

40% of consumers would have no problem abandoning a brand. According to a study by Forester, a bad experience can cause an immediate change, which translates into a new customer for the competition. In a context of these characteristics it seems essential to know the desires of the people and to provide a path according to them. But how? Every time we take the cell phone we find Facebook, Twitter or Instagram full of opinions about certain products. Photographs and [...]


The impact of omnichannel in retail

Según la consultora internacional PwC, un 17% de los consumidores realiza al menos una consulta en el sitio web de una marca antes de comprar. Sin embargo, solamente el 7% termina el recorrido allí, el resto se dispersa por canales que pueden ir desde redes sociales hasta la tienda física de la empresa. A este contacto múltiple se lo denomina omnicanalidad y hoy en día está revolucionando el mundo del retail. Por ejemplo, JCPenney divulgó que el 40% de las [...]


Digital Transformation with Hybris

Omnichannel has become a daily concept. A research from Fluent revealed that 47% of customers who contact a brand by 10 or more channels that end up making at least one weekly purchase by one of these means. This means that current customers maintain a contact that switches between different formats and screens. They can start by finding out a price on a social network, investigating specifications in a review, buying the product on the website and finally picking the [...]