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Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Inclusion

From being three people to reaching an international presence, Inclusion is a clear example of how good ideas can become success stories. The technology company celebrated its first 10 years with those who made their growth possible, remembering their origins and projecting towards what is to come. The party was held on November 17 at the Galpón Milagros (Gorriti 5417, City of Buenos Aires). He convened a select group of clients, belonging to companies such as Carrefour, Ribeiro, Aeropuertos Argentina [...]


10 years of pure transformation

It seemed crazy to set up a technology company in Argentina a decade ago. However, Mariano Baca Storni, CEO and founder of Inclusión, continued his passions and began to build his own firm. He abandoned an almost resolved life in the United States and bet on his dreams. Together with three expert engineers, he embarked on this adventure achieving exponential growth and reaching an international presence. As a movie beginning, it all began in 2007 with a group of four [...]