Monthly Archives - November 2017

Bitcoins, Blockchain and Business revolution

Bitcoins are becoming part of our daily talk. And, although it would seem that digital currency is set aside to virtual services, the reality is far from this conception. Currently, in the City of Buenos Aires, there are 127 storesthat accept it as a payment method, enabling the consumer to access to several services as buying a beer or going to a dental consultation. The cryptocurrency is getting even more relevant and visible. To give just one example, in Argentina there will be 2000 ATMs that [...]


Inclusion in Mexico

Martín Nervi and Eduardo Cantero, integrators of our OpenText team, traveled to the Sanofi headquarters in Mexico to do and launch the implementation of Vendor Invoice Management (VIM). The professional spent ten days in the offices of the firm. In a pleasant breakfast they introduced the main functionalities of the tool to the Managerial area of ​​the company, to then provide an intensive training. It was attended by more than 30 approvers from various branches to complete the learning in [...]