Expointernet Latin America in images

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Expointernet Latin America in images

The meeting between technology and business
The Latin American Expointernet 2017 took place in the City of Buenos Aires and we were there. From June 29 to July 1, the Farm of La Rural was the most important technological event in the region, which was inaugurated by the Minister of Modernization, Innovation and Technology, Andy Freire.

We were Gold sponsors with SAP, so we lived in the first person all the details of the three days and share them here:

A smart candy store

In our booth we predicted the tastes of the participants thanks to SAP Hybris. With an app and in less than two minutes, we were able to offer you your favorite treats without it being necessary to ask them directly.

More info from SAP Hybris here

Workshop: Boosting the business with IoT

Our Chief Innovation Officer, Juan Knight, brought disruptive solutions to the event and showed some examples. He exhibited an app that allows monitoring remote areas of plants with drones and another that measures the temperature of the soil to detect the early need for irrigation.

More details here

The voice of experience at the Expo

Inclusion’s CEO, Mariano Baca Storni, tested the predictive app of the smart candy store. More than satisfied with the result, he reminded participants of the importance of providing unique and personalized experiences to customers.

Learn more about the digital transformation of commerce

Culture change: Internet Of Things plus Cloud

Juan Knight stood on the main stage and presented the benefits of IoT. He talked about the implementations that are taking place worldwide and explained that they imply a revolution in the organization of the companies, since they convert the reactive attitude (in which it is activated after the problem) into proactive, that is to say that the failures are anticipated and it is activated in time.

More information about the possibilities of IoT

Innovation is everywhere

With more than 5000 visitors, Expointernet Latin America 2017 made it clear to us that technology is boosting business exponentially. Those who want to survive in this new paradigm of processing large volumes of data, artificial intelligence and increasingly sophisticated software, should update themselves and embrace changes as a life policy.

If you want more information you can write us through info@inclusion.cloud

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