10 years of pure transformation

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10 years of pure transformation

It seemed crazy to set up a technology company in Argentina a decade ago. However, Mariano Baca Storni, CEO and founder of Inclusión, continued his passions and began to build his own firm. He abandoned an almost resolved life in the United States and bet on his dreams. Together with three expert engineers, he embarked on this adventure achieving exponential growth and reaching an international presence.

As a movie beginning, it all began in 2007 with a group of four people. Since then, innovation was present, marking what was going to become part of the company’s DNA. That’s why everything comes down to providing solutions for business processes with a high added value globally. From the minute zero until now are germinating relationships that would come to today. And that entrepreneurial spirit has always been accompanied by a vision that prioritized long-term relationships.



Seeing the world from a disruptive perspective made Inclusion a break point in 2012. Already with more than 10 people in its offices, and Sync Bridges. The possibility of integrating the SAP world with other information, the sum in the user interface, which is a known product. By simplifying the communication of companies with their suppliers, distributors, purchasing sectors and customers, Inclusion managed to streamline the processes of dozens of companies. This year it was also at SAP’s ServicePartner, which opened the possibility of offering consultancy with the official support of the brand.



The greatest growth was to come. In 2015, it doubled the payroll, going from 23 people to 62, and opened a second office in Buenos Aires. In addition, in a period of six months, the firm became ChannelPartner, which allowed her to commercialize licenses, and obtained the certification in Partner Partner of Expertise (PCoE), which enabled her to provide maintenance for clients of ERP

The evolution was to show great results In 2016 the company was recognized four times in the launch for SAP partners in Mexico, winning the prizes of Innovative Project, Marketing Initiative, High Achiever and Development and Evolution for the year 2015. In addition, it changed its offices to the current management, expanding its spaces and renewing its structure, as well as expanded the PCoE service to HANA in 2016 and Hybris in 2017.

This year he also received the signature with extraordinary results. Inclusion for the end of the anniversary of more than 100 technology experts, who share their passion for disruptive creations and more than 70 active projects.


The celebrations no. Inclusion one step further and direct your efforts towards the cloud, becoming The Cloud Company. Understanding that the real dynamics of the market requires agile implementations and shorter times, the company found the way to create faster and safer applications, optimizing the path towards Digital Transformation. What is coming is to be written. For 10 more years!

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