10 news of SAPPHIRE NOW 2017

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10 news of SAPPHIRE NOW 2017

The most important SAP event was held in May and we were there. We traveled together with eleven representatives of our clients, among whom were Ribeiro, AES, Musimundo, Nini and Globant. We attended the conferences that the company offered at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando (United States) and we learned about the latest business solutions developed.

Throughout three days, we listened to the various keynotes and toured all the stands. We had the latest technologies in our hands and saw the potential they will offer in terms of digital transformation. After an experience of this nature, we highlight the following announcements:

SAP Leonardo

SAP CEO Bill McDermott opened the meeting by teaching this system. SAP Leonardo connects analytical and prediction capabilities with IoT. In this way, it provides solutions to issues as varied as industrial infrastructure, smart cities and health.

A new partnership with Google

SAP HANA is now certified in Google Cloud Platform. This not only implies a mix of experience with scalability possibilities, but also opens the door for more developers to develop customized business solutions from GCP.


SAP announced the creation of a platform that will allow integrating its services with SAP Leonardo and generate a series of applications with the possibility of validation and execution of simultaneous operations.

SAP Cloud Trust Center

The firm took into account key issues such as transparency, security and privacy. That is why it unveiled a website where customers can access real-time information on the availability and performance of their systems, the cybersecurity measures that are being adopted and the ways in which data is protected.

Alliance between SAP and NVIDIA

Both companies are working to address the progress in Artificial Intelligence towards business solutions. SAP will take advantage of advances in GPU to enhance its tools for machine learning and prediction.

SAP Machine Learning Foundation

SAP introduced its own Machine Learning platform. The possibilities of integration with SAP Leonardo increment machine learning and the use of processing large volumes of data to detect, recognize and predict their future operation.

Union between SAP Ariba and IBM

Thanks to the combination between the technologies SAP Leonardo, IBM Watson and SAP Ariba, it will be possible to obtain unstructured information and make precise decisions about the management of suppliers, contracts and provisioning activities.

Launch of SAP S / 4HANA Cloud 1705

This new version incorporates SAP Co-Pilot, a digital assistant that offers contextual information dialogue, promotes efficient collaboration and connects business objectives, in addition to adding machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities.

Collaboration between SuccessFactors and Thrive Global

Taking advantage of the analytical and intelligent services capabilities of both companies, a library of personalized routes will be created, tailored to the specific needs of the talents and activated by key life and work events. According to SAP, this alliance will imply an improvement in the health and welfare of employees.

Greater agility for SAP Cloud Platform

The SAP Cloud Platform was optimized so that customers can discover, test, buy and implement APIs, SAP partner applications and other digital business services.

Those who want to know details about these ads or know more about the SAPPHIRE NOW 2017, can do so through the blog of our CEO, Mariano Baca Storni. As an assistant, he commented on everything that happened at the event and gave his impressions in the first person. For more information you can go to here.

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