From contacts to relations

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From contacts to relations

40% of consumers would have no problem abandoning a brand. According to a study by Forester, a bad experience can cause an immediate change, which translates into a new customer for the competition. In a context of these characteristics it seems essential to know the desires of the people and to provide a path according to them. But how?

Every time we take the cell phone we find Facebook, Twitter or Instagram full of opinions about certain products. Photographs and phrases teach us how much you liked your last notebook or where they had the tastiest coffee. These are a valuable source of information, which can be complemented by other possibilities in the digital world. The queries and purchases made on a website, the advertisements that were clicked, the questions that were made through the call center service, are some of them.

Although, these appreciations are lost in bytes, wasting the chance to establish more faithful and lasting relationships. In connection and processing of that data is the solution.

“The ability to process data in Real Time translates into the construction of unique and dynamic profiles”

SAP Hybris Marketing is a tech tool designed to meet these challenges and turn them into opportunities. Not only does it provide a 360 ° view of the relationship with customers, it also gives details about why those contacts were established. In this way, whoever is on the other side of the screen stops being a number to become a person with whom you can talk about common interests.

Its ability to process data in Real Time results in the construction of unique and dynamic profiles. For example, it can detect if someone compared prices of Smart TVs in the last days and by what means it did. From that information you can carry out personalized marketing strategies, such as displaying banners or send an email with offers about that product or offer you complementary devices, be it a phone or an external hard drive. Because at that moment they are subjects related to their tastes, the interactions stop being a nuisance to become a conversation. Obviously, this solution allows you to find matches and start groups campaigns with common interests.

SAP Hybris Marketing also anticipates future purchases. Based on a series of algorithms, it takes the data of the various clients and gives suggestions or recommendations of what may interest you as soon as possible. Thanks to this information it opens a panorama of what will be necessary, to plan marketing campaigns and to make more accurate decisions.

If you want to transform your communications into memorable and enduring links over time, request a demohere.


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