10 advantages of the Cloud

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10 advantages of the Cloud

More and more companies opt for the cloud. According to IDC CloudView, spending on services and infrastructure related to the Cloud will go from occupying 29.8% of the IT budget (number relative to 2016) to 43% in 2018. This exponential growth is understood when you see the What benefits does it provide? Here a decalogue of them:


By not requiring an initial configuration or any necessary IT infrastructure (such as servers), the initial installation costs are reduced. In addition, trainings are usually done online, which reduces the learning curve.


The In-Cloud technology guarantees to always work with the latest version. The service provider is responsible for providing the upgrades. To this is added that you do not need an IT expert to be able to implement them, since it is as simple as downloading the update of an app for the cell phone.


Because it is not necessary to install programs or change computers, In-Cloud solutions are operational in much less time. The implementations that could take years are made in a few months because they do not require a physical storage center or the creation of software from scratch.


Because the information is not stored in a computer or on a flash drive, the risks of losing it due to a technical failure are avoided, as well as eliminating the dangers of falling into the hands of third parties after a theft or loss.

By receiving permanent updates, it guarantees ever higher quality standards, data control and an increasingly secure environment.


Cloud storage allows access to all documents from anywhere in the world. It is enough to have an electronic device that connects to the internet, to be able to consult, share or continue working from the last point of modification.


The service is purchased on demand, which means that each company pays only for what it uses. This feature brings some benefits. In principle opens a possibility of scalability. In other words, if the business grows, higher benefits can be requested. In turn, this translates into a reduction in costs. It is no longer necessary to have an extra machinery waiting to be used, it is enough to acquire more storage or processing capacities as needed.


Because different users can access the same document, section or area, this technology promotes teamwork. It is not necessary to be in the same physical place or wait for an email with the latest edition to see progress, since the latest changes are always stored.


The PC stopped being an exclusive tool. The internet connection allows working from smartphones and tablets, as well as from laptops and desktops. In addition, certain applications allow its offline use. Just open them and continue from where you left off. Once a stable and secure network is established, the data can be synchronized so that the changes are saved automatically.


By not needing a data center with power, bandwidth, networks, servers and storage, more space is available in the offices.


Thanks to all the advantages just listed, the In-Cloud technology is postulated as an excellent ally to face the change. The agility of deployment and ease of maintenance, make it an interesting gateway to the processing of large volumes of data and the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence.

In Inclusion we take ownership of all these benefits and offer the best In Cloud solutions. Thanks to its possibilities, we revolutionized the area of ​​Human Resources, we streamlined migration times in a safe way and we provide closer relations with customers. We also relate them to the IoT and the possibilities of the Mobile to offer solutions adapted to the needs of each company.

To know more details you can write to info@inclusion.cloud

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