5G on the horizon, IoT on the way

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5G on the horizon, IoT on the way

The trendy camera of the LG G6, the simplicity of the Nokia 3310 and the return of the BlackBerry with the KeyOne, are not the only news brought by the Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC). A technology ruled the event and is eager to revolutionize mobile consumption.

This is technology is called 5G, the next generation of wireless networks that will allow connections between 10 and 100 times faster than the current ones. It is a key piece for innovation, as it is closely linked to the Internet Of Things (IoT).

The math is simple, more connected devices will require an infrastructure with better traffic capacity and, obviously, a higher speed. Hence the expectations for its implementation.

However, not everything is pure innovation. At the enterprise level there are applications for industry, transportation, agriculture, health, insurance, retail, among other items. And, companies like Inclusion are linking the possibilities of the hardware with the potential of the software.

At HCP Showroom, the company’s research laboratory, a series of projects have been developed that connect the IoT with cloud systems and APIs to provide solutions tailored to each industry.

An example is Plant Drone Monitor, an app for visualizing automatic drone inspection rounds on plants. The appeal of this technology goes beyond remote data collection and device connection. Its importance lies in the possibility of performing intelligent analysis and boosting business through process automation.

The development of 5G , the creation of new equipment and the search for tailored solutions will be key on helping push the innovation in the years to come. Despite this, today is already showing its leads and giving advantages to those who can interpret them

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