Monthly Archives - February 2017

5G on the horizon, IoT on the way

The trendy camera of the LG G6, the simplicity of the Nokia 3310 and the return of the BlackBerry with the KeyOne, are not the only news brought by the Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC). A technology ruled the event and is eager to revolutionize mobile consumption. This is technology is called 5G, the next generation of wireless networks that will allow connections between 10 and 100 times faster than the current ones. It is a key piece for innovation, [...]


The Connection between Mobile Technology and Productivity

The Mobile World Congress is less than two weeks away, and mobile devices are starting to play a key role in the technology market. In Inclusion innovation is as important as quality, that is the reason why we are updated on the latest developments in the field of technology. Although smartphones and tablets have a direct association with entertainment, they are also revolutionizing the working environment. Deltrack is one of our developments that proves this premise. It is an application capable of tracking real-time deliveries. By providing suggestions [...]


Design Thinking- An international leap

We made the suitcases and brought our solutions to Washington. We work with the professionals of a well-known bank in order to simplify their day-to-day, knowing the essential functions and providing new paths. After several days, we managed to unify three essential applications of their day to day, know what are the essential functions they need and add new solutions. What is Design Thinking? It is the methodology that allows us to provide innovative solutions adapted to the needs of companies. [...]